Tailored Underwriting

For your declined or difficult to place cases

With over 30 years of impaired risk underwriting for DI, we have the expertise to help you place YOUR TOUGHEST DI CASES

  • We will review cases on an informal basis to give you a preliminary assessment on those risky cases


  • Our goal is to make sure that the offer you get on a prelim basis is AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO WHAT you will get on a formal basis.

Product not Available in all states. Subject to eligibility requirements, underwriting approval, limitations, and state variations. NOT FOR USE WITH THE PUBLIC - Not for use, distribution or dissemination to customers, consumers, individual purchasers, or potential applicants. FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY - For producer, financial advisor, agent, or broker use only. Refer to Policy contract for full details, explanation of Benefits, Exclusions and Limitations. All conditions, scenarios, and medical impairments may not be considered insurable. Informal inquires, and applications do not guarantee coverage or rates.

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